Birdsville Hotel Sale: A New Chapter Begins

Birdsville Hotel Sale: A New Chapter Begins

An exciting new chapter for the Birdsville Hotel has begun with the sale of the outback pub expected to be finalised to Australian buyers, Courtney and Talia Ellis, by the end of the month.

Jo Fort, of the Birdsville Hotel, says it has been rewarding to find the right people to take care of the “Old Girl” during the next chapter for the pub’s story.

“The time has come for us to hand over the Hotel and we couldn’t be happier to be handing it over to Talia and Courtney. They’re moving forward for all the right reasons and that’s what you want when you’ve invested your life into a place. You want to make sure you pass it on to someone who’ll possibly do it even better than you.”

Courtney and Talia are well known in outback communities and together they bring decades of experience in tourism and outback hospitality to the Hotel.

Talia held the position of Chief pilot at Wrightsair from 2009 until 2016, when she took over as Chief pilot of current air operations with Spirit Aviation.

Courtney co-founded Outback Spirit Tours, which sold to Journey Beyond in 2019.

“We ‘get’ the outback as it’s been my business for 20 years, and we won’t change things.”

“Our focus will still be on making the experience satisfying for people who make the long trek out to Birdsville and I’m looking forward to talking to people and hearing about where they’ve come from and where they’re going. The Birdsville Hotel is a significant drawcard, and we’re very respectful of that long, and proud, tradition.”

The current management and staff structure will remain in place, so patrons and partners can rest assured they will enjoy the same iconic experience for which the Hotel is famous.

Ben Fullagar will remain as General Manager of the Hotel, and agrees that the next step is a positive one for the preservation of the Pub as an iconic experience in Australia’s heartland.

“This is a really positive next chapter for the Pub, and our community and supporters can expect the same experience that we’ve always offered here.”

“The beers will be cold and the welcomes will be warm.”

For all media enquiries, please contact Ben Fullagar, General Manager

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