Getting to Birdsville

To Birdsville by Air

A list of commercial and charter airlines that regularly fly into Birdsville. And if you’re a pilot, fly yourself and taxi your plane to park right opposite the hotel!)

To Birdsville by Road

Making the drive to Birdsville by road will etch a lifetime of memories, no matter which route you choose.

Aviation Refueling Services

The Birdsville hotel has long owned and operated Birdsville Aviation, the supplier of Avgas and JETA1 fuels at the Birdsville airstrip.

Suggested Itineraries

There are trips from Birdsville in all directions that will allow you to explore and discover the area’s rich heritage, quirky culture, amazing flora and fauna, and extraordinary desert scenery.

Phone and Internet

Telstra’s Next G network is available within a 20 km radius of the town.

Roads and Weather

Current and upcoming forecast for Birdsville, courtesy of WillyWeather.