Aviation Refueling Services

The Birdsville hotel has long owned and operated Birdsville Aviation, the supplier of Avgas and JETA1 fuels at the Birdsville airstrip. From selling drums of fuel in the early 1980’s to now having modern bowsers with the option of self service and payment by credit card, refuelling at Birdsville has never been easier.

With over 55,000 litres of JETA1, 50,000 litres of Avgas and a Jet A1 fuel truck, we have plenty of fuel to supply.

Self-service refuelling is available, or our ground handler can refuel your aircraft for you if preferred.

Where to buy aviation fuel in Birdsville

If you need to buy Avgas or JETA1 aviation fuel in Birdsville, you can pay at the Birdsville Hotel or via the easy to use Fuel Charge App on your smart phone.

The Fuel Charge App allows you to pay by credit card and proceed with contactless self-service refuelling. Alternatively, our refueler and ground handler can assist you. Payment can be made by credit card at the Birdsville refuelling office.