Welcome to the Birdsville Hotel, Queensland

Headed to the 2017 Big Red Bash? Drop in for a feed and a cold one on your way there (and back!).

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Big Red Bash (McLennan 156)

Anyone with an adventurer’s spirit and a desire to explore the rugged beauty of Australia’s unique outback will have the iconic Birdsville Track on their ‘must-do’ list.

Not for the faint-hearted or underprepared, the often unpredictable Birdsville Track does, however; promise a reward for intrepid outback travellers — Australia's most iconic and authentic pub.

More than just a quintessential outback pub, the Birdsville Hotel provides weary travellers with good old fashioned service, great food, comfortable accommodation and cold drinks.

There's no pretentiousness here. Travellers from vastly different backgrounds arrive from all parts and relax with a well-deserved drink in the front bar.

Stories are told, experiences related, advice is given, and friendships are formed.

Welcome to the Birdsville Hotel — a true Aussie icon and an authentic outback experience.

Birdsville Hotel April 2017