The Front Bar of the Birdsville Hotel

One of the charming things about the Birdsville hotel that hits first-time visitors is the collection of outback treasures and memorabilia that firmly establishes the pub in the realms of the legendary.

Grab a drink and explore the walls of the iconic Front Bar where mementos, photos, and unique memorabilia highlighting the events, characters and incidents adorn the walls and provide an insight into the quirkier aspects of Australian outback culture.

  • The Hat Wall

    Belonging to those who have lived and worked in Birdsville and reserved only for those who have achieved at least one year of unbroken service. Another wall is reserved for those who have since passed but left their mark on the community.

  • Event Flags

    Including the banner used when Equine Flu caused the cancellation of the Birdsville Races. Then again, it didn’t stop an almighty shindig from going ahead with many proclaiming, “Who needs horses? Let’s party!”

  • Cloth Insignias

    Rows and rows of them marking the passage through the town of services, sporting clubs and leisure groups.

  • Photos

    Huge display of locals, staff and, more importantly, visitors enjoying their time at the pub.

  • Signs

    Licence plates, stickers, road signs you name it from all over Australia.

  • Chalkboards

    Handwritten gems dotted around the bar including this one; “man was given a sense of humour to compensate for the laws of gravity.” Chalkboards also herald the number of days until the next Birdsville Races.

  • The White Line

    Painted on the floor to remind patrons which side is staff only. Its simple challenge? Cross it and you shout the bar!