Flight: Lake Eyre & William Creek

This year’s flooding rains in northern South Australia and parts of outback Queensland have been extraordinary and Lake Eyre is once again receiving a deluge of water. Covering some 10,000 square kilometers, Lake Eyre is a spectacle from the air no matter what the season but when flooded with water, it’s a once in a life time opportunity. The inflowing water, which is measured in cubic kilometers, completely transforms the usually dry and arid area into something that has to be seen to be believed.

Flight time – approximately 4 hours in the air with an hour stop over in William Creek. Flights depart at 7am and return at midday.

Points of Interest

  • Birdsville
  • Lake Eyre & William Creek Hotel
  • Warburton River
  • Cooper Creek Inlet
  • Channel Country of the Diamantina River & Eyre Creek
  • Goyder Lagoon
  • Simpson Desert & Sturt Stony Desert
  • Numerous cattle stations including the largest in the world, Anna Creek Station


  • Morning or afternoon tea at the Historic William Creek Hotel, Oodnadatta Track
  • Quality high wing aircraft with expert pilot guide
  • Price $995 pp (min 2 people)

    * Council Airport Surcharge additional $20 per person during Birdsville Races Week.

  • Duration: approx 5 - 5.5 hours

    Flight time 4 hours with 1 hours ground time

Flight Route Details

Each flight departs Birdsville and takes you west over Big Red and the QAA line before tracking to the south over the Eyre Creek and onwards through the Simpson Desert. We cross the Kallakoopah Creek before joining the Warburton River which we then follow to arrive at the Warburton Inlet which enters the northern end of Lake Eyre.

The continuation of the Warburton River flows through the centre of Lake Eyre and is known simply as the Warburton Groove. We follow this groove to the southern end of the lake to Belt Bay which is the deepest point and lowest point below sea level in Australia.

As at the 22nd February approximately 1.8m of water depth was measured in Belt Bay which provides about 70-75% of water coverage.

After a couple of circuits of the area we head west to the quirky little town of William Creek on the Oodnadatta Track and Old Ghan Railway Line. We land here for a short break and some morning or afternoon tea. After a little stroll through the town which is situated in the middle of Anna Creek Station, the largest station in the world, we reboard the aircraft for the second flight leg which takes you back over Lake Eyre and back to Birdville.

Enroute overfly the Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary and follow the Warburton River once but this time past Clifton Hills Station and up into the channel country of the Goyder Lagoon where thousands of finger-like channels breathe life into a vast area that is an oasis for an abundance of wildlife. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Camels, Cattle, Dingos, and large flocks of migratory birds as we continue north west to pick up the southern delta of the Diamantina River wedged between the contrasting Simpson Desert and Sturt Stony Desert. The Diamantina River originates north west of Longreach and carries the floodwater from surrounding ranges all the way to the Goyder Lagoon in wet years.

From here we follow the Diamantina River past Pandie Pandie Station and back to Birdsville via the Birdsville Racecourse, home of the famous Birdsville Races before landing and taxiing back to the Birdsville Hotel for a complementary beverage to celebrate your flight and the sheer magic of Lake Eyre.

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Flight: Lake Eyre & William Creek

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