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(In-conjunction with Wrights Air)

2024 Diamantina River Flood Scenic Flights!

The Diamantina River is one of the main arteries running through QLD’s stunning Channel Country, and the spectacular flood it’s experiencing right now in 2024 is breathing life into everything it touches.

Birdsville is perfectly situated to experience the beauty of this as the floodwater revives the vast floodplains surrounding us.

Join us on either of our Simpson Desert & Goyder Lagoon or Lake Machattie and Diamantina Channel Country scenic flights to immerse yourself in the wonder of the Diamantina River in flood.

Videos and photos from March 6, 2024

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Birdsville Aviation (in conjunction with Wrights air at William Creek) operate multiple aircraft including Cessna Grand Caravan’s that feature a high wing configuration, air-conditioning, 13 seats, fold down steps for the ease of walk on walk off comfort and turbine engine reliability. We also operates Cessna 210’s which are a 5 seater, high wing aircraft utilised for smaller parties. The high wing configuration of our fleet offer’s remarkable uninterrupted views for all on board.

Birdsville Aviation

Birdsville Aviation is an owned and operated subsidiary of the famous Birdsville Hotel, also owners of the Birdsville Bakery. Birdsville Aviation has for 40 years operated the aviation fuel business in town. All Birdsville Aviation scenic flights are operated in conjunction with Wrights Air. Wrights Air are based in William Creek, South Australia and have been operating for over 25 years. They have a legendary reputation of providing exceptional scenic flights in exceptional aircraft in the remote Australian outback.

The owners of the Hotel (and Birdsville Aviation) have a long history in the aviation and tourism industries with Talia Ellis once being based at the small ‘outpost’ of William Creek. Once a junior pilot for Wrights Air, Talia quickly rose to being the company chief pilot and for 7 years had up to 20 aircraft and pilots working under her. After her time at Wrights Air Talia moved to be chief pilot of Spirit Aviation, the aircraft subsidiary of outback touring business, Outback Spirit, until purchasing the Birdsville Hotel with her husband in 2019. Talia has extensive bush flying experience and has spent the majority of her time in the Birdsville and William Creek regions of Australia. From mustering stock on remote stations to scenic flights, Talia’s extensive experience in the aviation and scenic flight world will ensure you a safe and unforgettable flight, no matter what itinerary you choose.

Flights operated under LA & AM Matthew’s AOC, ARN 593012

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